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Lost River Valley Property Owners Association
PO Box 40
Lost River, WV 26810


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The Lost River Property Owners Association is comprised of 272 individual properties amounting to almost three square miles of land nestled among the hills of eastern West Virginia's Lost River Valley. Property owners meet annually (always the first Saturday in June) to conduct business and elect officers. Between annual meetings, the elected Board of Directors manages the Association's contractors, collects an annual fee for road maintenance and generally acts on behalf of the property owners. The Association maintains about eleven miles of private roads. The Board also reviews plans for construction of new houses, renovation of existing properties and other improvements for suitability and compliance with the Covenants. A sliding scale of construction fees is collected depending upon the amount of additional traffic the job puts on Association roads. Owners regularly volunteer during clean up days to trim trees, clean out ditches and culverts, fill pot holes and pick up trash.

Two important documents govern the affairs of the Association. As first set out in 1979, the Covenants provide that every owner of a lot is a member of the Association, require property owners to pay the annual road fee and maintain their properties. The Covenants also establish the basic structure of the Association, which is further set out in detail in the By-Laws. The full text of both documents are available elsewhere on this web site. Any questions can be directed to one of the officers of the Association.